It’s been a lot of work and also a great time as we wrap up the pipeline project. I still have a couple of scenes to do clean up animation on before I can be officially finished with my roles. Overall it’s been a fantastic experience. I’ve been really nervous recently because I don’t know if my major is my be-all-end-all career. I’m not terribly good at character animation. It’s been hard to deal with, but I just have to realize that not everything about animation is for me. I’m very glad I was assigned to clean-up because I’m finding that I actually like it! I have a hard time cleaning up my own animation because I lack size consistency and the movement isn’t always as thorough as I would like. My peers in this project are really nice animators so the clean-up process is coming smoothly.

I don’t have much in the realm of clean-up work on me at the moment, however, here’s a quick illustration I did to establish the look of the character I was assigned; Scott.


Wrapping Up


As of now, all of my storyboards have been done. I’ve been to two shoots so far for The Paperboy & The Wizard of 4th Street. Mainly my role was to help the cinematographers set up the shots in accordance to my storyboards. I ran into some difficulty when I realized that some of the locations didn’t match the look of my boards–providing impossible angles and mismatched compositions. However, necessary changes were able to be made and I’ve got to say that the shots look amazing. Our whole crew has been working great together and I’ve got high hopes for the final product. ¬†As another update, I may participate within our animation crew by completing some of the clean up animation within the introductory scene! I’m looking forward to it. Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day for certain!

Here’s more images of some of my finalized storyboards.