You’ll probably never get off this elevator because I’m still trying to get you to laugh.

My name is Katy Frick. I’m a student at the Columbus College of Art & Design closing in on my senior year. I’m an animation major who specializes in clean-up art and storyboarding (live action or animated). I am fascinated by the film medium and love working on teams to accomplish big productions. I’m often the comic relief, bursting into song to cheer up my stressed out team mates. Keeping harmony, cooperation, and an amiable environment is very important to me when I work in groups. I take my work, however, very seriously, but also try to look at it from the perspective of pursuing a great adventure.

I love to write and have several screenplays in the making. I play music and sing. I have a plethora of silly voices and accents I like to break into. I’m a fine artist at the core and love to develop my skills in drawing any chance I get. I have a very scientific way of learning to draw. I love realism and accuracy. I’m trying to break out of that comfort zone and start exaggerating and squashing and stretching.

I paint murals for businesses and homes. I also co-own a tea shop in Kent, Ohio.

I’m much funnier in person, I promise. Check out my work and progress in the blog section! Don’t be afraid to sent me an email! Ask questions, give feedback, let me know if you’d like to collaborate.

Take care and happy browsing!


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