Creative Habit: Best Work

Here’s a quick review of (what I thought was) my best work from these four weeks!

Week 2


For this one, I’m actually thrilled with the atmosphere I captured in this and this is one of my better value scales for sure. It’s got a soft look to it–I tend to go very sharp with my digital paintings because my general traditional medium of choice are graphite and colored pencil. I remember wanting do do all of these tightly rendered leaves and plants. I started to and then realized how distracting that would be. I think that keeping them blurry and placing them where I did helped draw the viewer’s eye around the composition. Also–the reversal effect of a light and dark plant. I wish I could have figured out a better texture for the ground so that the back ground’s blurriness could send it back farther, but it’s not too bad!

Week 3


This was a close second. For this piece I definitely could have incorporated darker values in the water a well as a reflection, but overall I’m happy with the pose and proportions of the wolf. I also like the texture I captured in the fur as well as the way I completed the face. I think the only complaint I have about this one is that the limbs and face look a little flat. I needed to find a way to contour shade them so that they successfully look like cylindrical objects rather than cut paper, but I remember really enjoying the process of this piece as well as the final result.

Week 4


This one might be the least favorite of my best. I’m not particularly happy with my rendering of the snow, but I appreciate the value scale I used as well as the background simplicity. Normally I respect back ground with more detail, but I think for this piece it might take away from the strong silhouette of the wolf’s action. I do like the effect I did around the wolf’s feet as the snow kicks up in a powdery fashion. I originally tried using the dissolve tool, but that got a little too close to drawings of snowmen I did in Microsoft paint when I was 5 years old. There’s a quick touch of the dissolve brush setting–nothing more. Snow just might be a thing I’ll need to study in the future! It’s a bizarre surface to render.

I really feel that I’ve improved greatly in the realm of digital painting. I chose to go black and white with these to not overwhelm myself, but to get some good practice pieces in. I think that next time I do a digital painting habit it will be in color–probably limited palates at first and then a larger range. Baby steps!

I can’t wait to do another habit soon. Stay tuned!

Take Care and Happy Holidays!



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