Creative Habit: Week 3

I started off this week’s sketches by drawing from live streams of wolf facilities that I found on the internet. The first sketches are terribly rough because the subjects were moving….a lot.




Then, things got better when I discovered that I could take screen captures on the mac I was using at the time (command+shift+3!) and they would automatically save to the desktop! Okay, I’m nerding out pretty hard here, but sometimes macs are like magic to me. By capturing the screen it was like taking photos if I’d been there physically. That made it a lot easier to draw their poses. The wolves were adorable and very active Tuesday morning. A group of them would run and play, one carried a large deer leg in its jaws while a crow eagerly bounced behind it, trying to get a piece. There was a couple of wolves that would take turns looking particularly majestic and important while posing on top of  a rock. It was a joy to watch these animals. I’m so glad live streams like this are available.

By the way, here’s a link to that particular couple of streams

One is partially visible at night, but it’s best to catch these in the daylight.




Here are a few of the week’s digital sketches. Each of these digital value studies were between 15-30 minutes long. They may be quick and rough, but they’re great warm ups for the week’s final painting.  I really feel that I’ve improved a lot in these first several weeks. I’ve gained a lot more confidence in the digital media, which has been much needed and long overdue. I can’t wait to do all sorts of digital paintings over the winter break. Feeling limited and unable to express yourself through mediums you desperately love is very difficult.


This is my final piece for the week. I gave myself two hours for it. This time I tried to experiment with flat brushes to add a variation in texture. I could use some suggestions when it comes to simulating the look of water, but I’m pretty happy with the wolf. His anatomy is working well in this and I’m happy with the result of the flat brushes, it adds interest to the fur.

Well, until next week!



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