Creative Habit: Week 2


My first few sketches this week were digital. I wanted to capture more movement with the wolves I drew. Gesture drawing these figures on a Wacom Cintiq was beneficial in loosening up my handling of the medium for when I’m completing rough animated segments. I tend to stay very stiff with my digital work because my mind separates it so far from actual drawing at times. I then continued on that day to do an hour long digital painting of a wolf in Adobe Photoshop (CS5)


I used a sort of cut-out method for this one, I first sketched out the wolf and used a sort of planar analysis to outline the different areas of value. Then, using the lasso tool to select areas and shade them accordingly. It’s a quick way to do value studies…and it’s sort of like Paint-by-Number….but I actually drew it. Regrettably, I used only one layer for this painting, so the preliminary sketch has been erased as I painted. I will definitely correct that in my next pieces.

Speaking of which, here is the sketch for my next piece. This will probably be a shorter one, one hour or so and then I’ll try to do a 2-3 hour piece at the end of the week.


I have more images in my sketchbook to scan. I’ll have those up and another digital painting or two up in this post by the end of the week.


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