The Creative Habit


Digital painting has been an interest of mine for a long time. Ever since my 5 year old self discovered Microsoft paint, I’ve been trying to make digital drawings and paintings. However, I’ve noticed that despite my amount of practice, I’m nowhere near the level of my peers. It’s horribly frustrating. I don’t use the right techniques and I feel that everyone else knows them. Every time I sit at a cintiq to animate, I end up taking some amount of break to do a quick digital drawing or painting. I’m always itching to whip out my tablet monitor and start painting, but I usually go look on blogging sites such as Tumblr, see the amazingly proficient digital artists, and tell myself to go eat a sandwich, take a nap, and give up. It still, however, doesn’t scratch the itch.

I would like to use this chance of the “Creative Habit” assignment for my class to build my skills. I would be doing two to four short speed paintings a week. I spoke with Charlotte Belland about this. I was at first unsure of a subject. I figured I would draw myself or another person, but then Charlotte asked me to tell her my favorite animal. It’s the wolf, of course. So then, I guess it was decided. I’m going to do at least an hour long speed painting of a wolf at least twice a week. The other days, I will be sketching a few wolves a day. When I was very small, I drew wolves constantly until I was about 13. Since then I’ve been drawing mainly humans and objects. I’ve always complained that traditional art classes don’t stress the drawing or painting of animals at all or as much as they should. I’ve come to find that plenty of animation and illustration classes in college require you to go to the zoo, observe animals, and sketch them. I have not, however, had the privilege of taking a class like that yet. I think it will be very fun and interesting to visit my root interests that got me into drawing as well as attempt to catch up with this digital age of painting!

Charlotte also informed me of Ironwood Wolves, an agency providing animal ambassadors for art, film, photography, and education. They care for wolfdogs of different hybrid levels. One of the wolfdogs was brought to CCAD to a cafe-sketch class, to allow animation and illustration students to have a live subject for drawing. Here is thir page on Facebook
I have gone ahead and liked it. Charlotte also said that their canine friends may come back for another drawing session. I will try and contact the head of this page, Rachel Lauren, to see if I can schedule appointments with the wolves. I will also try to go to the Columbus zoo, but my funds are low, so I’ll have to see what I can do. Other than that, I will probably find documentary footage of wolves to paint from when I can’t get to these places.


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