It’s been a lot of work and also a great time as we wrap up the pipeline project. I still have a couple of scenes to do clean up animation on before I can be officially finished with my roles. Overall it’s been a fantastic experience. I’ve been really nervous recently because I don’t know if my major is my be-all-end-all career. I’m not terribly good at character animation. It’s been hard to deal with, but I just have to realize that not everything about animation is for me. I’m very glad I was assigned to clean-up because I’m finding that I actually like it! I have a hard time cleaning up my own animation because I lack size consistency and the movement isn’t always as thorough as I would like. My peers in this project are really nice animators so the clean-up process is coming smoothly.

I don’t have much in the realm of clean-up work on me at the moment, however, here’s a quick illustration I did to establish the look of the character I was assigned; Scott.


Wrapping Up


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