Quick Update: Pipeline Project!

For the pipeline project, I am now a member of Cameron Granger’s group. He is to be doing a film entitled The Paperboy & The Wizard of 4th Street. I understand that I am the Pipeline director and intend to uphold my duties as much as possible. I apologize to my team for my absence, I’ve had some sort of nuclear hell flu of death for the past week. Not about that life.  

I can’t wait to meet my team members and get working! I’ve worked on various short films before as an actor and crew member. My good friend, Keegan Larwin has been experimenting with films independently for a long time. Here’s an example of one I acted in, playing the villainous Necromancer.  


I also worked a bit on creating some of the artwork and aesthetics for a Kent State Independent Film. It’s a feature length film called Hell at Heathridge. You can find the trailer here.


Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow morning. Time to rest up. Hopefully I won’t be having a coughing fit all over everyone.



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