Pipeline Project

Pipeline Project

My proposal uses the following:

  • photography
  • animation
  • motion graphics
  • video
  • sound effects
  • voice over

Rough proposal statement:
When I saw Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson speak up at Kent State University, I was inspired by his words and also saddened. I realized that the United States have an increasing amount of people who are illiterate in the sciences. We seem to be so distracted by our electronic media and ignore how the world around us works. I learned that in 2036, an asteroid by the name of Apophis is likely to hit earth’s pacific ocean a few kilometers west of Santa Monica, California. He said that a lot can be calculated and that no one has to die from the 40 consecutive tsunamis that will result from the impact. It will, however, wipe the western coast of the US clean. NASA has a plan to deflect the asteroid, but no one has displayed interest in funding it. I would like to make a short video explaining the problem at hand using the notes I took from Dr. Tyson’s speech as well as other research to explain the important of science to our country and to our world. I don’t want to scare the audience, but rather encourage them—let them know this is in our power as human beings.
I really like the pacing and cleverness of RSA’s animated videos. They explain complicated concepts of our society in understandable ways. The style is great and I love the use of sound effects as well as the correspondence between voice over and visuals. I would like a similar style, but with motion graphics, photography, and video. It would be ideal to get Dr. Tyson over the internet to do an interview on a program like Skype. However, I may see if I can sample videos of his speech at Kent State as well as other relevant quotes from various interviews he’s done.

The steps I need to take to create my project:
First, research would have to be gathered and the main idea and message of the video would have to be established. Then we can plan out the supporting details and “acts” of the message, creating visuals for each detail. Then an overall style should be discussed. Once we have storyboards and an idea of what each part of the video will look like, we would do practice motion capture simulations and animations. Different parts of the group would work on different acts and then show progress at the end of the week (or couple of weeks). We’ll reflect on each others work in an encouraging manner. If someone wants to switch places out of their scene with someone so that they can contribute something, that is welcomed. Everything will be assembled into one composition when finished. Scenes will be tweaked until the video is at a finished stage.


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