Rough Pass Compositions

hecate comp webganesh_comp weblegbacomp_web

This is a rough digital pass of my compositions for my menagerie pieces. I do want to somehow include the crossroads in the background, but I haven’t figured out how yet. I think I would like to do my final pieces traditionally, although I’m not sure.  My ideas for mediums are colored pencil on black bristol, watercolor, acrylic paint,  or digital paint. I’m much more comfortable with traditional work than I am with digital, but the eye is used to digital work these days like our ears are to pitch correction in music. Would I be making a mistake if I didn’t go digital?


2 thoughts on “Rough Pass Compositions

  1. If you feel like you can make the art work more effectively by doing it traditionally, then I’d go for it. It would be more work and you’d have to spend money, but at least you’d have a stronger connection to the pieces. But maybe not? I don’t know a lot about creating fine art works digitally, aside from photography. On the other hand, the compositions and the subjects look great. I like how the moon is in each sketch. I think it connects each deity you are portraying who are otherwise very different. I think I like the bottom one the best. I’m looking forward to seeing how you’ll incorporate the crossroads! They are so symbolic, and essential to the story you’re telling. Also, he sort if look like Obama. Haha.

  2. S. Culbertson says:

    I really like all three images. When it comes to medium or media, do what you feel will best represent you as an artist. Most people are used to digital, but I feel that doing something by hand with a traditional medium shows that you put more effort and passion into your piece. As for how to incorporate the crossroads, my suggestion would be to possibly extend the image down more and split the path from the bottom of one and onto the other two. It is just a suggestion, though. I am excited to see what the final project is.

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