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More Progress on Hecate

More Progress on Hecate

This isn’t the whole composition, just a preview, but it will be done soon! I’ll upload it by the end of the week.


Hecate Work in Progress

Hecate Work in Progress

So I redid my composition for Hecate to be more interesting. I’m working on the final product here. Unfortunately that’s all I was able to do due to a tough schedule. I will post the final of this one as well as Ganesha (both while in progress and my final) over the weekend.

Elegua Final

Elegua Final

Here’s my final pass of Elegua using the color scheme I selected.

Elegua work in progress

Elegua work in progress

Here’s a work in progress. Still a lot to be done, but I’m testing out the digital magic.

Rough Pass Compositions

hecate comp webganesh_comp weblegbacomp_web

This is a rough digital pass of my compositions for my menagerie pieces. I do want to somehow include the crossroads in the background, but I haven’t figured out how yet. I think I would like to do my final pieces traditionally, although I’m not sure.  My ideas for mediums are colored pencil on black bristol, watercolor, acrylic paint,  or digital paint. I’m much more comfortable with traditional work than I am with digital, but the eye is used to digital work these days like our ears are to pitch correction in music. Would I be making a mistake if I didn’t go digital?

Possible Color Schemes

Using Adobe Kuler, I came up with a few color schemes for my menagerie of characters.