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Menagerie Project sketches


This assignment asked me to create visuals of characters that related in Color/Style/Purpose.

So for my initial idea, I have a visual representation of three different deities. All three of these figures share the quality of being the guardians of the crossroads and the removers of obstacles. As someone who grew up in a non-traditional religion, I was exposed to many different deities from the myths of different cultures. I’m very intrigued by finding parallels between the mythological figures around the world. So many of them share the same qualities.

On the top, we have the Hindu god, Ganesha, a very iconic and popular god in the Hindu pantheon. On the left, Hecate, the Greek goddess of witchcraft and womanhood. Her ┬áRoman counterpart went by the name, Trivia, which translates to “Three roads,” in other words, crossroads. Finally, there is Ellegua, or Legba of the Vodou and Santaria religions. He is usually seen as more of a trickster god, but also is very humble in his desired sacrifices and offerings. I went with the more Nigerian influenced image of Ellegua, however, I may change to his older, more traditional design, rather than the stage of his youth. I decided originally on his younger design to balance the elderly stage of Hecate, and the somewhat ageless Ganesha.

As a young person trying to establish the foundation for the rest of my life, I will come upon many crossroads, obstacles, and life changing decisions.  These gods are very significant to me and this is somewhat of an offering to them. I want to use this design to educate on their behalf and let others know that our prayers have gone to form deities that help guide us on our way to different paths. The struggle of decision-making is in our nature and has been since ancient times. Knowing our past and our prayers and the very similar set of gods that we worship all across the world helps connect us all. I find that very important.

I haven’t quite decided on a composition or color palate yet, but that will be established and posted soon!